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V Shelf Table - Instructions

V Shelf Table - Instructions

V Shelf Table - Instructions

01. Verify You have the Parts:

Please check to make sure you have all the parts which match this picture. If you do not, then please contact us at Abbey Bay. Sand all of the parts with 120 grit sand paper.

02. Assemble the V Shelf:

Insert the domino into the slot one each side of the shelf and align the edges perfectly. Take v shalf apart and apply a thin lie of glue and install the two screws to hold the two shelves together. Wipe off any excess glue with a damp rag. Again make sure the edges are perfectly aligned.

03. Verify the Mounting Brackets are Correct:

Attach the top mounting brackets to each of the legs. The important part is to be sure the counter sunk hole are facing downward. When looking at the mounting brackets from the top, you should only see 1/8 holes. Important: Be sure to install the bracket on the side of the leg that has four large holes (3/8) and two small holes (1/8).

04. Install the Shelf:

Install the upper most pegs in the holes and gently tap thru them thru the leg. Position the shelf on the two upper pegs. Gently tap the pegs till the shelf is supported by the peg and leg. Do ths for the other leg located ed on the out side of the leg. Repeat this process on the other let and set on a flat surface. if legs may rock a little, install the top and it will straighten out the legs. Take a 1/8 drill bit and drill the holes for the screws. Install the screws on both legs.

05. Install the Pegs:

Remove the upper pegs, apply glue and gently tap the pegs in untill 1/16 of the end is still showing. Apply glue to the plugs and install them over the screws. If the lower pegs do not go in all the way, take a 3/8 drill bit tne drill about and inch and a half. Apply glue to the lower pegs and install. Now let dry for 24 hours.

06. Set the pegs and plugs Proud:

Be careful not to tap the pegs or plugs below the surface. They should be about 1/16 proud or above the surface of the leg.

07. Sand Pegs and Plugs Flush:

Take an orbital sander and sand the pegs and plugs flush with the surface of the leg.

08. Final Sanding:

Sand the entire assembled bookcase with 120 grit sand paper.