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Whale Tooth Bookcase - Instructions

Whale Tooth Bookcase Instructions

01. Verify You have the Parts:

1 Top
2 Leg Units
1 Package of Screws
2 Floating Shelves
2 Rails
Please check to make sure you have all the parts which match this picture.
If you do not, then please contact us at Abbey Bay.

02. Sand All the Parts:

Please sand all of the parts with 120 grit sandpaper.

It is easiest to sand the parts individually than to sand them when they are assembled.
An orbital sander makes quick work of this.

03: Dry fit the legs together.

Sand the tenons on each end if the rails by hand with 100 grit sandpaper.
Lay a leg unit flat on a work service and insert the rail which has two holes drilled in it into the top of the leg assembly..
The side with the largest holes, 3/8 of an inch) face downward.
Please insert the rail without holes drilled in the bottom leg.
Place the other leg unit onto the two tenons.
Check to make sure the legs are square to each other (90 degrees) with a square
Also, make sure the feet of the four legs are on a flat surface

04. Glue the Legs Together:

Apply glue to each tenon and insert it into mortise of each leg unit.
Place the leg assembly on a flat surface and clamp together to bring all of the joints tight.
Make sure the rails are flush with the top of each cross member on the leg unit.
With a damp rag or paper towel, please wipe off any glue that may have seeped from the glue joint.
Let the glue dry overnight.

05. Center the leg assembly on the bottom of the Top:

Align the legs to the top by measuring an equal distant amount on both sides and ends of the top.

06. Mark the holes to mark where to drill:

Place each of the two screws into the two holes.
Put a screwdriver on the end of each screw and tap gently with a hammer, which will leave a small hole in the top.
Remove the leg assembly from the top.

07. Please place a piece of tape on a drill bit:

With a 1/8 inch drill bit drill, place a piece of tape ½ in from the bit end of the drill bit.
Drill two holes ½ inch deep into the bottom of the top.
Be careful not to drill thru the top.

08. Finish sanding the Bookcase:

Be sure to sand the edges of the top of the table.
Sand the edges of each of the shelves.

09. Apply the finish of your choice:

We recommend applying three coats of polyurethane to the table to give it a life long finish.